Endurance Chase LLC

Tailored Endurance Training Programs

Backed with 13 years of running experience, specializing in training plans from half-marathon to ultra-marathons



Training for the long run

Online, one-on-one, or group training. My services are tailored to you and they all come with the promise of quality, dedication, and consistency. As a certified coach and an experienced runner of 13 years, I can build the roadmap for you based on your goals, schedule, and running background while adjusting to whatever life throws your way.


Schedule A Consultation

A no obligation 30min consultation is free to understand your background and goals as well as determine if we’re a match to work together to achieving them.



Attentiveness, one on one coaching, personal experience, Endurance Chase understands how having a busy lifestyle can get in the way. He knows how to fit training in when it doesn’t seem possible.
I would recommend someone who is looking for a reliable, attentive coach who will take them to the next level.
— Adam Doe (6th place 100k Trail National Championship 2017)



I will listen to you to learn about your schedule in order to set you up for success. You should expect personalized training that will enable you to the best runner you can be. Together, we will learn, develop, adjust an evolving roadmap towards your goals that is tailored to you.